Saturday, 25 October 2008

Funniest Ubuntu Image Ever?

Whilst browsing Fickr the other night, I came across a really funny review that someone had left on Amazon about his purchase of an Ubuntu CD. I take no credit for this image, and here is the link to the page where I found it:

Funny Ubuntu Image


  1. Do we think that this is a real comment, or just a funny fake one then?

    either way I found it very funny!

  2. Has to be a joke right...Guys? :|

  3. Oh quoting the review would have been nice by the way, would have saved me struggling to read it from the screen-shot.

  4. jaja! this person is REALLY ignorant, I'm 13, I use and love ubuntu while my dad hates it...(&#+*.!!) he thinks it's waste of disk space and my mom made install windows on it because she wanted to play "solitario" on it!! just for a game! ok... aniway very good blog...