Sunday, 20 December 2009

YouTube-HTML5-ifier For Google Chrome

Google Chrome Beta has been out for a few weeks now for Linux, and after a lot of playing around with it, it has soon become my most used browser. The only problem I could ever find with it is the large CPU usage when using any flash applications. Browsing websites such as Youtube and watching videos on there was a bit of a painful, and slow task - Until I came across the Youtube HTML5-ifier.

Youtube HTML5

This useful extension contains a script which replaces the standard Flash based videos on Youtube with the new HTML5 video tag. These video will require much less CPU power. Not only using less CPU power, it automatically attempts to play in the best possible format (HD if available). The only down side to this extension so far is that any videos that are embedded on sites other then Youtube will still use the old Flash based player, and annotations will not be displayed for any videos. However, this extension is still in development, and the developer is currently working on these issues.

To download this extension, visit: Youtube HTML5-ifier


  1. Unfortunately, the author has removed this extension, as YouTube now supports the HTML 5 video tag. Unfortunately, it will play videos with ads in flash, thus making many videos unwatchable without this extension or flash.

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