Monday, 2 February 2009

Oxygen Mouse Cursor Theme

Bored of the default mouse cursors that come with Ubuntu? Yeah, it doesn't take long to get fed up of them really. Well luckily, there is a great set in the repositories available for download.

Apart from the default white set that you can get [above] that wo other colors to choose from: black or gold set. Personally I prefer the white...

To install this cursor theme:
sudo apt-get install oxygen-cursor-theme oxygen-cursor-theme-extra

Below is a video from Youtube that I found , demonstrating the new cursors:


  1. Under Ubuntu 9 the oxygen pointer set is broken, the resize pointers are missing.
    Nice theme though.

  2. The resize pointers are missing in ubuntu 10.10 too. A pity, such a nice theme.

  3. Now there's an bunch of color sets (including shades of colors)...not just white, black or gold

  4. Thanks! I kept searching, to no avail.

  5. Thank you! Works great in Linux Mint 16...In Ubuntu 13.10 (for me) works in browser and a couple of other apps but not system-wide.