Saturday, 6 September 2008

Watch Live TV On Ubuntu

Zattoo have developed a great application that allows you to watch live TV on your computer or laptop. All you need to run this application is broadband internet, and of course, Linux. This is 100% free & legal!

To Read more on Zattoo, and to download, please visit this link: Download Zattoo

Edit (31 Dec 09):
For a while now, Zattoo have said they have had problems with their Linux version, and have taken Linux of from their supported Operating Systems. A message used to be there saying they are doing all they can to fix the Linux version.

After checking back today, it seems that they were unable to fix any problems they had, and no longer are trying to sort it out. they have completely removed Linux from their downloads page now. Taking a look in their FAQ section, and I only came across this: "Zattoo does not support Linux platforms anymore."

Let's hope sometime in the future they will have a working Linux version up and running again.


  1. It depend on our country in Denmark you have to pay to see the channels

  2. Really? I check out their site, and it says that it is free to all of the countries that they provide it to.

  3. nice collection of live tv channels
    keep up the good work. thanks