Saturday, 24 January 2009

Alternative Web Browsers

I'm quite a big fan of FireFox. All the extra add-ons you get, and the themes has to make FireFox one of the best browsers out there. Luckily for me, FireFox comes installed by default on Ubuntu.

There are of course people who do not like Firefox, and people who need other web browsers to test out their web sites, here is a quick list of alternative web browsers that you can install and run on Ubuntu.

Opera 9.6
Opera has to be my next favorite web browser. Just it's speed of both of general browsing, and searching. It also has a few good features like opening up a previously closed tab, and a speed dial function for your home page.

To download Opera for Ubuntu, then simply go to the Linux download page:

This fantastic web browser is based upon Google's web browser 'Chrome'. As Google doesn't yet support Linux, the people at CodeWeavers have created Cross Over Chromium that can be installed free of charge.

Right Click - Save As:
Download .deb [Ubuntu 32bit]
Download .deb [64Bit]

Lynx is one of the best text based web browsers that are available for Ubuntu. Now a lot of people may ask what the point is in using a text only browser now a days. Well, I often use it to check out my websites for how good my SEO is. Another good use for it is so that if you ever use SSH to connect to your PC, you can use Lynx as your web browser.

To download Lynx,
sudo apt-get install lynx

and to run lynx, you will need to provide a URL for it to load, for example:


In my opinion, the above browsers are among the best in which you can get for Ubuntu. There are many more web browsers that are available which you can easily find within the Add / Remove Programs application.

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