Saturday, 17 January 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 Alpha 3 Released!

Although a day late, Ubuntu has uploaded 9.04 Alpha 3 to the official mirrors for download. So, what's new in 9.04? They have finally replaced the 2.4 packages with 3! EXT4 of course will be supported by Jaunty Jackalope - But not by default. If you want to install Ubuntu on an EXT4 partition, you will have to chose the option Manual Partitioning.

Ubuntu 9.04
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Other new features include a new Volume control, and the ability to encrypt your /home folder. At the moment the new visual looks are not implemented, but there is still a bit of time to go before the official release on the 23rd April 2009. So how many of us want a change from the Orange and Brown colors? Personally I like the colors, but what do you think to them?

You can view many more screen shots of the alpha 3 release at this site:


  1. Oh the Ubuntu colour scheme at present is hidious...roll out the blues and blacks!

  2. I do like the human theme, although I have to agree, after a while it does become ugly. The Mist theme is nice if you like your blues.