Monday, 19 January 2009

Why Ubuntu Linux Is Better Then Windows

I cannot stand Windows. I do everything to avoid using it. The only possible reason I could see people using Windows is to play some of their games on, but as I am not a gaming type of guy, this doesn't bother me.Windows

Mac users always go on about how their operating system is the best. Well, I cannot comment on that at all, as I don't think that I have used the operating system well enough to comment on that. Windows on the other hand, I used to use a lot. I grew up using Windows, and went through the whole of school, and the start of college using it... so I think I know enough about it to comment how bad it is. When I first found out about Linux, I just had to give it a try out. After having a mess around with a few difference distributions, I settled on Ubuntu.Ubuntu

So now I am a Ubuntu guy, never to switch back to my old ways! And why is this? Because in my opinion, Windows just doesn't come anywhere near to how good Ubuntu is. These are my reasons why:

1. No viruses
This has just got to be the best thing about Ubuntu hasn't it? Even with my up-to-date Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware controls etc on Windows, I still manged to catch a virus. The cure to this virus? Uninstall my current Anti-Virus, and install a different one on. Then what happens if you catch another on? Switch to another one. And of course, this is if the anti-virus can detect and delete the virus of. If not, then comes hours of searching through the registry keys, deleting and changing keys, restarting your computer, and installing a bunch of applications that you will never need to use again. Viruses on Linux? - I don't think so.

2. Easy To Upgrade
Ubuntu makes it so simple for you to upgrade to a newer release. Simply navigate to the update manager, and if there are any new releases, it will tell you. A simple click of a button, and your Administrator password, and the upgrade is under way!

3. Easy To Update Software
Again, Ubuntu does a fantastic job of making it easier to upgrade any applications that you may have installed onto your computer. Every so often, Ubuntu will run a scan on your computer, and if it finds any out-dated software, it will notify you of it. A simple button click, and your administrator password, and the updating is well under way. No need to search the Internet for the latest packages, un-installing your previous versions, or to apply any type of patches.

4. Free Software
That's right, free software. No need to fork out thousands of dollars for a new piece of software that you may need for your college work. And isn't it annoying when a new application comes out that you want to have a play around with, but you don't want to pay a fee of £100 for it? Okay, you can get a free trial... but they always suck don't they?

99% of the software available for Ubuntu is free. Not only are they free, I find that these applications are better then the ones available for Windows. The support you get for using the applications are much greater then Windows apps. Not only that, if there is a bug that is found within an application, within a matter of days, maybe even hours, an upgrade is available for download.

5. Desktop Effects
Aero? Oh common! Haven't you seen the effects that can be achieved using Compiz & Beryl? If you havne't, then please do watch the video below. Then try telling me Aero is cool...

6. Open Source
Unlike Windows, most of the applications for Ubuntu is open source... meaning that you can view the source code - free of charge. Why is this a good point you may ask? Well, that means that not only can you help developer it, you can change it for your needs, or just see how things work. This can be a great help if you are a software developer yourself.

7. Live CD
Live CD
Try before you buy? What a fantastic idea! Ubuntu comes on a Live CD - Meaning that you can boot from the CD, and use Ubuntu just like you would do if it were installed on your computer. Now this means that if you do not like it, you can just eject the CD. Of course, the best thing about being able to boot from this live CD is that if anything were to go wrong with your installation... you can access all of your files!

8. It's Easy To Use
Yeah, you heard me! I have no idea where all this talk has came from about Linux being hard to use. Ubuntu especially, is the most easiest operating system that I have ever used - far more then Vista, and I would even say better then XP. Any settings that you may need to change you can access via menus and settings windows. Yes you can use the terminal to do things, however if you do not want to use it, you don't have too. Many Window users have the false impression that you need to know 5 different programming languages, and how to talk in binary to use Linux. I cannot tell them how they could be more wrong.

9. Highly Customizable
Don't like where the start menu is? Want to change the theme of the terminal? Sure! Ubuntu makes it so easy to customize anything whether it is down to the appearance, how it handles files,or how they applications start up - without a million different registry hacks.

10. Community Help
Have a problem? No problem. Ubuntu has an amazing community willing to help you with any problems that you may have. is a good placce to start if you need to know anything Ubuntu related.

11. Learning Experience
A monkey can learn how to point and click. One thing that I love about Linux is that you never stop learning. This is not to say that you need to know everything about it before you begin to use it! The fact that applications are open source also greatly helps your learning ability.

12. Synaptic
What a fantastic idea this is huh? You want an application, so you open up Synaptic, tick the applications that you want, and click apply. Installing applications has never been so easy! No need to be installing programs from the Internet, or from CD. And don't you just hate it after spending two hours downloading and installing an application to only find out that it cannot install because of a missing DLL file?

13. Install To A USB Flash Drive
Want to take your Ubuntu installation with you anywhere in the world? Then install it onto a USB device. Not only will you have all your personal files with you, you will have a damn good operating system to manage them for you!

14. /home Folder
Need to re-install Windows? Make sure you back up all of your personal files! Then when you re-install it, and put all your files back on, it will be as good as it was! Well, no actually. All the settings that you changed for each application.. to get it running just how you want it to.. will be lost. With Ubuntu, it will store all your settings into your home folder, so if you want to re-install the OS, you can backup your /home folder. Now that is what I call a good idea!

15. Choices
Don't like Okay, try Abi Word! Not too keen on the default Gedit, then try Kate, nano, vim... they go on and on. The one thing that I really dislike about Windows is that you cannot change the window manager. I cannot stand the default one at all... it's just so.. ugly. and with Vista, it consumes so much RAM. If you don't like something about Ubuntu, go and install an alternative!

16. Good Reputation
Windows 7 is coming out! - Great, another one... let's hope it isn't as worse as Vista was. Ubuntu 9.04 will be released in April... Great! Let's go and download the Alpha version! Yeah, Ubuntu has a great reputation. Every time a new version is released, (every 6 months!) you get the advantages of all the newest upgrades and tweaks, making your Ubuntu experience ever more better. You will never need to worry about a 'Vista' when it comes to Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Linux team will listen to what YOU want, and they will try their best to implement it. Have you got an idea for the next release? Then why not submit it to the Ubuntu BrainStorm website?

To Window Users: If this article has interested you, and you are now wanting to give Ubuntu a try out, then take a look at this website: Learn More. It will give you all the information needed to downloading, installing and using Ubuntu.

To Ubuntu users: If you have anything that you would like to add to this list, then please do leave a comment! I will gladly add them :)


  1. (dont know what to begin with ;p)
    1)ubuntu is ugly. face it. :)
    I spent a few days customizing it to look MAYBE as good as my vista do, and i use mac osx theme..
    2)apps are hard to install. I have never used consol shell on windows.On ubuntu i do all the time
    3)windows is expensive? remember we have torrents and all of us use them..

    above all, great site! i rss it on my sidebar:)

    sorry for my english

  2. 1) There are quite a few variants of ubuntu, but if we are only talking about THE ubuntu, than BAAAM: right in your ignorant face!!!

    2) Open up synaptic, no need for console there!!!

    3) Remember this, when the BSA will come for you

  3. 2)and what about "make"?

  4. @ Frame

    You sound like you're describing a VTec toy.

  5. Wuld you like to guest post in my blog? [ ] about linux or some topic of your expertise?

    I usually offer paypal cash in exchange..

  6. I know Linux is better than Micro$haft Windows lol

    Man for some reason the Ubuntu 9.04 alpha locks right at the part where you choose language ( Alternate CD ) 2 burns 2nd one slow at 4x, confirmed MD5 is correct!

    PS. I took your admin login idea and added it to my blog. Thanks :)

  7. 1. I can't let this slide by. A competent use is in no danger on any system. Windows has some terrible defaults (admin out of the box!), but it's quite easy to address these (suRun is great). Using Firefox or Opera, NoScript, and a limited account will keep you safe. Ubuntu has much smarter defaults, but if you blindly enter your password (most users with security problems do), you'll still get bitten someday. Signature-based antivirus scanning is one big scam anyway.

    5. Desktop effects are just stupid (for me). I use dwm, because productivity, stability, and simplicity matter.

    6. Open source software also has some notable security advantages.

    7. Ubuntu isn't a very good live CD. SliTaz and SLAX are lighter and better.

    8. "Easy to use" is subjective. I find Windows harder, because the command line and config files offer me the control I need with little work.

    14. This only works if you set up a separate /home partition. I do like that most *nix apps keep their configs in .files, so backing up settings is easy.

    16. Then why is Intrepid slower and more crash-prone than Dapper was on my system? Individual experiences will always vary.

    I used Ubuntu for over a year before moving to Zenwalk, then Slackware, then Arch, then CRUX, then Slackware again, and now a SliTaz/NetBSD dual-boot. I love the configurability and controllability of my system.

  8. >I cannot stand Windows.

    I use XP, Vista, KDE and XCFE during the day and while I prefer the freedom, cost and flexibility of Gnu-Linux operating systems, any knowledgeable user can use anything. Yes, even OS10.

    Youre the reason people are starting to give Ubuntistas their rap as fanbois.
    Its an OS, that's all.

    Distros are a dime a dozen, Im happy you found one to your liking but these things change and I can name off the top of my head 4 others distros that are as good or better for newbies. (Generally these are KDE based since its easier for Windows user to migrate. Our LUG has noticed when given a choice about 3/4 choose the familiarty of KDE)

    And Frame, its not Ubuntu that is ugly (well, that caca theme is depressing), its Gnome taht is fugly and limited. Have you tried KDE or XCFE?

    Show a newbie a two distros that use the same desktop and they cant tell them apart (and please dotn say wallpaper).
    Im testing Kubuntu and Mandriva right now and I have them side by side and theyre still on their default settings. Saying that one distro does KDE better (Mandriva in my case) than another is a question of taste.
    Its the same Linux kernel, the same GNU tool chains and the same KDE desktop. Yes, there is some kernel adjustements and packaging and so one but its the SAME freaking thing. Its just a matter of which finishing touches you prefer, which marketing campaign affects you more.
    Kubuntu isnt in my personal top 3 KDE distros but if I had to use it for a year my life wouldnt be any different than if I used Mandriva, PCLinuxOS or OpenSuse.

    My old computers use XCFE (Puppy is my favorite still) and I try to give Gnome a chance, (ran Ubuntu 8.04 on my Dell Mini for 3 months and my wife said it was depressing her. She meant Gnome since she has been using Kubuntu on my spare laptop this week) but there are too many things I dont like about the interface.
    E17 is another one Ive tried recently and will be coming back to very soon.
    Desktops environments are your big variable in Gnu-Linux (I also use KDE on BSD and Solaris and its the same freaking thing almost.)

    Apps are hard to install?
    My mom can install games and she's 7x years old.
    CLick which program you want from the list and the Apply. That's it.

  9. Welcome to the world of freedom. Software freedom is good for everyone, not just developers. When there is a problem and 100,000 developers see it, there's about a 100,000 times the chance it will be fixed than a problem in Windows. It shows in code quality and performance.

  10. !. is not so true. Don`t belive me?
    Read it yourslef:

  11. Ooops , typo...
    I meant to write 1. instead of !.

  12. I've been using windows almost all my life (except the few hours id spend in 6th grade in the computer class with macs). And i'd been hearing about linux for awhile, so just about a month and a half ago I tried out SLAX (slackware... just less flash, more work), which i struggled with. Until i realized it wasnt that all linux was that hard, but that slax is just the bare minimums of a larger OS.

    So i tried Ubuntu, i didn't really know what to expect at all, i was just happy the internet was working right out the box. It took a little bit of work (about 30 minutes on the ubuntu forums), to get the repositories and codecs to make the video players completely compatible. But other than that, SMOOTH SAILING.

    Now, i can't imagine being on windows (which sucks when i'm taking a class that requires you to log on to a school computer and follow along with the teacher...freakin vista).
    It's so customizable, to the point that (with a little ubuntu forums time) you can make your desktop completely unique to yourself, like a finger print. Where-as in windows, the best you could do is get a wallpaper and changes the window-box colors.

    And the best part about ubuntu? THE COMMUNITY. I was blown away by how easy it was to find help, through forums and HOWTO's. At first i used to post on the forum alot, until i realized almost every question i had; somebody already posted a question and answer for it. So now i just google it, and VOILA i always find my "howto".

    I'm restraining myself from writing anymore, cause i could talk about ubuntu from now, til.... Well a long time. Simply beautiful piece of work by the makers and contributors.

  13. i use both ubuntu 9.10 & windows7
    when i want to access my windows files from ubutu it asks the password of ubuntu not windows.
    is there any way through which it asks windows password for authentication

  14. How do you make a computer running Ubuntu Linux show up on a network of Widows computers?
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  15. look the bright side23 September 2012 at 08:26

    I like ubuntu put my ignorant family stick on windows just for this silly interface